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Why You Choose Us?

There are so many Data Recovery Centers available in the market. Your Question is why you choose our Data Recovery Company. Our technical team is well experienced in recovering all types of data. Whether it is Logical, Hardware Physical or RAID Level issues. e adopt latest technology to extract the data from your damaged hard disk or any storage media.


We Follow Mainly Four Steps to Complete the Data Recovery Process:

  1. Once the storage device is submitted to our data recovery company we start analyzing the problem in the hard disk. We do provide pick up & delivery service in and around Bangalore city. If you are far from our location you can also courier your device to our company.
  2. We undergo by diagnosing the problem of your storage media and it takes few hours of time for analyzing.
  3. After the process is completed we provide you the quotation for the Data Recovery. Another one is we provide the quote based on the problem in the storage media and your charges are not based on per MB or GB basis. Compared to other data recovery service providers we give you the best quotation.
  4. After data recovery approval we begin our data recovery process within given specific time period. If in case, the data recovery is not possible, then we do not charge anything from customer. Its like ” No Data No Cost ” policy we maintain.

Professional and Friendly Client Service:

Data Recovery Bengaluru is a Bangalore based Data Recovery Service providers. Our engineers are very well experienced in data recovery from so many years and we will be happy to explain you for all your queries.

Fast & Secure Data Recovery Service:

Data Recovery Bengaluru provides you fast and secure data recovery solutions for your hard drives or any storage media devices. We evaluate each and every hard drives in exact data recovery solutions. Once the data recovery process is completed, we shift your hard drives to the safe and secure clean room lab, here we protect the data by fixing cameras. Your data will be 100% Confidential & once the data recovery process completes then we extract the image format of your data. At the end all recovered data will be backed up in your additional hard drive.


We Care And Value:

Our Data recovery experts will always available to let you know the problems which are facing in your hard drive. Our data recovery team put 100% efforts to bring back your data safely. We recover as quickly as possible & get back your original data.
Each hard drive has specific problems, hence the data recovery projects are unique. We value each and every customer case, from diagnostics process to recovery completion we provide you regular updates on your media device. If in case data is not recoverable we don’t charge anything from customer.

For more information on our data recovery service call us or mail us to datarecoverybengaluru@gmail.com

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