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Disaster Virtualization Data Recovery Services For all Virtual Servers & Machines

In today’s world the usage of virtual machines / clouds has become more popular. This are more safe for storing data. Hence this virtualization and cloud offers a number of advantages but still there are chances due to some unprotected issues data loss can occur it may be an external / internal.

Virtualization (the creation of virtual rather than actual versions of operating systems, servers, or hard drives) has become an important way for businesses to save money and time. There are many benefits in consolidating the number of windows servers in your environment by harnessing the advantage of virtualization products like VMWare, Hyper-V, and Windows Virtual Server. These benefits include

  • Lower number of physical servers, reducing maintenance cost.
  • Increased server space utilization efficiency.
  • Easy deployment of multiple operating system technologies on a single hardware platform.
  • Low power consumption and increased energy efficiency.
virtualization data recovery

Placing several machines on a virtualized infrastructure rather than individual servers leads to more data loss, as multiple servers may crash together at the same time.

Here our data recovery experts supports for virtual platforms including:

  • VMware
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Citrix XenSever
  • Oracle Virtual Box
  • VMware Infrastructure
  • VMware vSphere ESX and ESXi

Expert Virtualization Data Recovery Solutions:

Our Expert Virtualization Data Recovery Center have an experienced team of specialists proficient in VMFS, Hyper-V, and Virtualization data recovery services. Our engineers can recover your lost data from almost any situation without compromise.

Virtual Data Recovery Systems Are:

  • Virtual Infrastructure: VMware Infrastructure, VMware VSphere, Virtual Desktop infrastructure, Microsoft Hyper-v, Linux
  • Virtual Servers: VMware Server, VMware ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenSever, Oracle Virtual Box
  • Virtual file systems: VMFS, NTFS, FAT, EXT3, HFS, etc..,

The most common data loss occurs in virtual systems are:

  • Re-formatted VMware ‘Datastore’.
  • Corrupt VMFS Data store volumes.
  • Deleted virtual disk files (VMDK).
  • Corrupted File Systems.
  • Hardware Failures.
  • Natural Disasters.
  • Raid Disks Failures.
  • Accidental deletion of virtual machines where data is stored.
  • VHS file system corruption.

Contact Us For Best Virtualization Data Recovery Services:

Data Recovery service is the fastest and most secure way to recover and restore lost data from any kind of  VMware and Hyper-V Services.

For More Contact Our Vmware Data Recovery Experts in Bangalore.

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