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SSD known as Solid-State Drive also called flash drive it is a non-volatile storage device that stores persistent data. It has silicon-based memory chips as storage media. In SSD drives no mechanical parts are present. Solid State Drive (SSD) is a storage device which we can be used as portable USB hard drive, memory card etc.

Basically SSD Consists of Four Main Components:

  1. Micro Controller.
  2. Flash / Storage.
  3. Interface like an mSATA , SATA and Strip others.
  4. Flash Cache in Modern SSD to cache information on fly.

Compared to the Hard disk SSD has so many features such as:  data recovery bengaluru ssd

  • It consumes low power.
  • It has shock & drop resistance.
  • Capable of fast reading & writing speed.
  • Wide temperature range.

Here in SSD devices the data is much important for the business people and sale traders. SSD devices are complexity in manufacturing so don’t try to do DIY data recovery procedures it might lead to permanent data loss.

Generally Common SSD Failures & Data Losses Are:

  • Power Failures: Some times due to power fluctuations may occur in these cases SSD failures occur.
  • Accidentally Data Deletion: Due to some human errors the data gets unfortunately deleted.
  • Virus/Malware Attack: Sometimes if we connect the SSD to the computer which has virus, the file get attack virus and data loss occur.
  • Partition Loss: Sometimes due to errors the partition losses occur. don’t apply own data recovery methods here data get overwritten and in some cases not possible for recovery.
  • Physical damage in interface & devices: If the SSD is dropped, it leads to physical damages. Here the damages occur in interface and devices.
  • Firmware Corruption.
  • Damages of Microchips.
  • Controller Failure.
  • RAID Failures in Flash Drives.

In case of  SSD Drive Failure, It may lead to the crucial business loss. So, don’t worry about losing important files in your SSD drive anymore. Submit your damaged SSD hard drive to our nearest data recovery center in Bangalore and we provide you the best results for all kinds of hard drive failure.

Can Data be Recovered From a Failed SSD Hard Drive?  Yes! We Will Do it

Data recovery for damaged SSD is very complex task comparing with the hard drive and bit expensive also. Here a good news for you, Data Recovery Bengaluru has the experts in SSD / Flash Drives Data Recovery. We have nearly 8 years experience in the field of damaged SSD. And our SSD Data Recovery team can recover any type of hard drive failures from minor to major level issues.

List of SSD data recovery cases we handled by our team:

SanDisk Kingston G.SKILL
Samsung Intel OCZ
Corsair Mac book Pro & Air Zotac

Contact Us For Data Recovery From SSD Hard Drive:

Our Data Recovery Experts thoroughly diagnosis the data in 100% Clean Room Lab with the highly integrated methodologies and extract the available data from your dead hard drive. After the approval from the customer we begin our data recovery process in data recovery lab Bangalore.

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