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Best Flash Drive Data Recovery Service

Do you have lost valuable information which is contained on a USB flash drive? USB Flash Drive not recognized in your PC? If so not all hope is lost. Looking for USB Flash Drive Recovery center? Don’t worry! we provide you best flash drive data recovery service for any kind of failures at an affordable cost.


USB Flash Drives such as Pen drives, Memory Cards, CF Cards and more you get those all by cheaper cost and we trust them easily because useful for capturing more photographs and videos. USB flash drive consists of an electrical printed circuit board carrying the small circuit elements and a USB port connector, insulated electrically and protected inside a plastic material, metal, or rubberized casing which can be carried easily in a pocket or like a key chain. Transformation speed to desktops and laptops will be in MBs, reading speed is faster compared to transferring speed.

Data Recovery For USB Flash Drive

At the same time a disaster is guaranteed due to sudden deletion or virus attacks and more. What you do? How can you recover deleted files from USB flash drive? You can use some free USB Flash Drive Data Recovery Software to recover back your data. But no use, they are all beyond of your budget.

Contact Data Recovery Bengaluru team we can recover deleted files from USB flash drive & also from other failures. Whenever you found any error message or issues in your flash drives bring to our company we recover and give back your complete data.

Types of USB Flash Drives Which We Recover

  1. Pen Drive Data Recovery
  2. Memory Card Data Recovery

Pen Drive Data Recovery

We recover lost data from pen drive. No Matter what ever failure it is our technical experts were providing pen drive file recovery services in Bangalore over several years. Contact us today for data recovery.


Pen drives are refer as a portable storage devices and it is an essential part of people’s life. We can store, use data anywhere and anytime we want. Data loss issues are quite common in case of pen drives it happens due to human errors, virus attacks and physical damage etc.

In case you have lost data from your pen drives and other devices due to above failures do not panic! data can be recoverable. Our data recovery experts have capability of recovering data from any kind of situation from all storage devices. And the charges for data recovery are quoted based on the issue in the storage device.

Memory Card Data Recovery

A Memory card is an electronic storage flash device that is re writable, re-programmed which are reliable in cost used for storing digital data. These are commonly used in portable electronic devices, such as DSLR, Mobiles, Laptop Computers, Tablets and more.


Data is very important for the people who store their life time memories. In case of photographers who spend money, time and energy. If the data is accidentally lost then they might lead to problem. Sometimes due to technology defect errors will occur which leads to the data loss. Here the question arises of how to recover deleted pictures from memory card ?

We are experts in handling data recovery cases for memory cards. Our Recovery tools and techniques are designed to deliver complete recovery with lowest cost in Bangalore.

We Recover Data From All Storage Capacities:

250MB 500MB
8GB 16GB
32GB 64GB
128GB 512GB
1TB 2 TB

We recover the data from USB flash drive by following failures:

  • Flash drives like pen drives and memory cards are not recognized by the computer.
  • Bad Sector Issues.
  • Virus/ Malware Attacks.
  • Accidental Deletion/Formatting.
  • NAND Chip Failure in Flash Drive.
  • Error while copying files from the flash drive.

USB Flash Drive Data Recovery Solutions for all Brands:

We have solutions for all kinds of problems and our experts will handle file recovery solutions if not possible we repair the drive & provide your data back.

SanDisk Samsung Intel
Kingston FileMate Dell
Lexar PNY Lenovo
Transcend Wintec Acer
Verbatim Canon Panasonic
Duracell Nikon EVGA

Contact Us for USB Flash Drive Data Recovery Services in Bangalore

If you are unable to access the data from flash drives or accidentally deleted your files then immediately contact to our technical heads or visit our company to know the condition, diagnostics reports and recovery for your failed USB Flash Drive Data Recovery.

Speak to our data recovery technical team +91-9611188850 or mail us to datarecoverybengaluru@gmail.com

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