Data Recovery Facilities in Bangalore

Data Recovery Bengaluru, is the bangalore based company and one of the best leading experts in data recovery. Data loss occurs due to various issues like mechanical or electrical failure, malware/virus attacks, human errors, water, fire or smoke, file corruption. TRUST US! We Receive projects on daily basis by national wide all over India. And hence we are the trusted experts in Data Recovery since eight years.


We Follow Super Specialty Facilities for Data Recovery Methods:

  1. 100% Clean Room Lab.
  2. Express Data Recovery.
  3. Data & Warranty Protected.
  4. 24 Hours Security.
  5. Stock Coverage.

At First, We open failed drives in clean room lab. why means, clean room has an environment which has under experts to remove air contaminants, preventing from the damaging the open hard disks. We must maintain the high standards strictly.

Data Recovery Bengaluru lab contains fewer than 100 particles per one cubic foot of air that measure greater than 0.5 micrometers. And we prevent the entry of contaminants in clean room lab.

Static electricity can damage the electronic components of the hard drive. Therefore we strictly work in the safe environment to prevent further damage to drives.

Express Data Recovery

We have one of the best facility that others cannot do is none other than Express Data Recovery Service. If you need your data which is sensitive and not have a time to wait then choose data recovery bengaluru for express data recovery services.  You can ship us your failed hard disks from any place. And below we given the statement for recovery in failed drives.

For Non-physical cases in 1 Day

For Physical cases in 4 Days

By the above time our data recovery experts will do work continuously and give your data back. For more Talk with experts.

Data & Warranty Protected

Data Recovery Bengaluru not only provide you data recovery, we protect and secure status of your warranty.  Because our experts meet manufacturer’s standards, if your hard disk is under warranty, the warranty is not voided by our recovery operations.

And we will provide warranty support letter from our company to your respective hard disk company for the cause data recovery done here.

Once you provide us your hard drive. We immediately start the analysis process in our data recovery lab. And once recovery process is done at that time we extract your data in image format. Here we secure your data and your hard drive with 100% safe and secure. Your data will be maintained 100% confidential.

Stock Coverage

Data Recovery Bengaluru contains highly integrated spare / donor drives. Some Data Recovery companies will wait for you for the spare parts requirement. But we have more than 10000 spare parts. We have more than 9500+ drives in our data recovery lab sections by this we can immediately recover data to the customer/clients and give back your data.

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