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Have you lost your data which is encrypted password protected drives. Data Recovery Bengaluru Experts in Data Recovery we restore back.

In today’s world many of the business persons protecting their confidential data in drive by using password encryption. The data in the encrypted password protected drives are loss due to suddenly dropped, malware attacks, bad sector, accidental deletion, crc errors, firmware recovery and forget the lock keys or device damage due to natural disasters like water, fire, dust or smoke. But in some cases there may be a loss of information unfortunately by locked devices forget those passwords. In that time, it is very difficult to unlock those devices and it is bit complex.

Are you bothering about inaccessible data by forgetting password from your personal laptop/PC. Be cool! Data Recovery bengaluru have best data recovery experts in encryption file recovery, our professionals recover your data back. For over eight years, Our Data Recovery Company in bangalore group has successfully recovered encrypted hard drive cases for many of government and private organizations.


What is Data Encryption?
Data encryption is a security mechanism for important data that others can unreadable. It is completely protected by encryption software. Here it provides high data security which we can convert normal original plain text into cypher text, due to this the data get encrypted. when we want to access that encrypted data we can easily decrypt the data by using secret key password.

While when we convert decrypted form to encrypted form some errors will occur such as :

  • De-crypt Error.
  • Safe Boot Error.
  • Fatal Error.
  • Media not Encrypted.

Tips while Decrypting Data :

  •  Don’t try to de-crypt your important data when you don’t have correct decryption key. when we try with rather than decrypted keys, the device has a chance of completely lock position in this case data recovery is critical.
  • Don’t apply any DIY Encryption data recovery techniques for recovering your hard drive. Here if the drive has bad sectors or any damages then you might loose the data permanently.

Encryption Data Recovery Services for All Failures:

Our experts recover for all encrypted hard drives and any encryption failure. Below given failures are the some of the examples of encryption failures.

  1. Bit-Locker Drive Encryption.
  2. Checkpoint Full Disk Encryption.
  3. McAfee Endpoint Encryption.
  4. PGP Encryption.
  5. Symantec Endpoint Encryption.
  6. Advanced EFS Encryption.
  1. Bit Locker Drive Encryption Data Recovery:

Bit Locker is a full disk encryption feature included with Windows. Two Versions exists. One is completely for vista and another has certain limitations. It is developed to protect data by providing encryption for entire disk volumes. It uses the AES encryption algorithm in cipher block chaining (CBC) or XTS mode with a 128-bit or 256-bit key. But CBC is not used over the whole disk, it is applied to individual sectors.

bit locker encryption recovery

We do Bit locker drive encryption data recovery for operating systems like Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and windows server 2008. Microsoft Bit locker encryption always forces to create a recovery key when you set it up. It is something else than setting password permissions on important files and folders and totally different from an encrypted file system which is used for encrypting files and folders.

However, Bit Locker Drive Encryption is not safe from data loss, some failures will happen unexpectedly. We do all kinds of bit locker encryption data recovery for any kind of failure and reconstruct data.

  1. Checkpoint Full Disk Encryption Data Recovery:

Check Point Full Disk Encryption provides the highest level of data security with multi-factor pre-boot authentication and the strongest encryption algorithms. This is one of the most effective ways to protect confidential data on laptops and Desktop Hard drives. Check point provides auto security for all information. Our engineers are experts in checkpoint full disk encryption data recovery and extracting from all endpoint hard disks, including user data, operating system files and temporary and deleted files.

Check point encryption data recovery

If someone steals the data, this technology makes impossible to read/access files from the user. Check point encryption configured to use four different encryption algorithms are AES (128 or 256-bit), Blowfish, 3DES, CAST. It Supports all windows versions and Mac operating systems.

Suppose your drive goes bad, data loss will occur permanently. Don’t worry! We have different encryption methods and tools and our experts will decrypt your files back. Contact us to speak with check point full disk encryption data recovery experts for better solutions.

  1. McAfee Endpoint Encryption Data Recovery:

Many businesses and institutions use McAfee Endpoint Encryption. It is a combination of endpoint and safe boot technology which provides excellent encryption with centralized management access. It uses advanced Encryption Standard block-cipher to encrypt a hard disk. Hence McAfee Endpoint Encryption provides a secure way for companies to protect sensitive data.

mcafee encryption data recovery

It has some salient features like it protects data from loss and theft, it manages complete endpoint encryption with a single console and it encrypt removable media files and cloud data.

Contact us for mcafee endpoint encryption data recovery services. We handle mcafee endpoint encryption data recovery cases in effective manner that others can’t do.

  1. PGP Encryption Data Recovery:

PGP is defined as pretty good privacy, developed to increase security of email communications. PGP uses a faster encryption algorithm in case of encrypting the messages and then uses the public key to encrypt the shorter key that was used to encrypt the entire message. It provides Cryptographic privacy and authentication for data communication.

pgp encryption data recoveryOur PGP encryption data recovery experts retrieve data mainly encrypting and decrypting texts, Signing, emails, files, directories and whole drive partitions and more. While you are using PGP encrypted hard drive on system, you may face some troubles like hard drive booting errors, crashing of pgp application and due to some virus attacks.

No problem we have effective encryption data recovery tools that can rescue valuable data from PGP encrypted hard drive. We will do PGP encryption data recovery services for documents folders, archives, program files and more.

Contact us today and submit your encrypted drive to avoid complete lost of data by using software.

  1. Symantec Endpoint Encryption Data Recovery:

Symantec Endpoint Encryption is a combination of strong full-disk and removable media encryption with centralized management to protect important data and ensure regulatory compliance, including devices encrypted with Bit-Locker, File Vault 2 encrypting drives. It secure data and unreadable to unauthorized users. Also support to encrypt files stored on or copied to removable media devices.

symantec-endpoint-encryption data recovery

We provide Symantec endpoint encryption data recovery services in case of accidental loss by encrypting the entire disk including swap files, system files and hibernation files. If an encrypted disk is lost, stolen or placed into another computer, the encrypted state of the drive remains unchanged, ensuring only an authorized user can access its contents.

It has capability to protect individual files and folders, prompting the user for a passphrase to permit access. File encryption requires user action while disk encryption automatically encrypts everything you or the operating system creates. If you found any data failures in the drive, then simply contact our Symantec endpoint encryption data recovery experts.

  1. Advanced EFS Encryption Data Recovery:

Encrypting File System (EFS) is an ntegral part of operating systems that enabled users to protect their files against unauthorized access even from those who gain physical access to the hard drives that contains encrypted files. It uses public key encryption in conjunction with symmetric key encryption to provide confidentiality for data that resists all but the most sophisticated methods of attack.

Advanced efs encryption recovery

The Advanced EFS Encryption appears completely transparent to the user, providing on the fly encryption and decryption of data with strong crystallographic algorithms. The ease of use and complete transparency to the end user creates false impression of impeccability of the Encrypting File System in the eyes of the user, who often forget about the encrypted files when they re-install Windows or transfer a disk into a new, upgraded computer.

we provide advanced EFS data recovery services for failures like deleted files, corrupted file system, OS corruptions and more contact us for Professional Encryption Data Recovery services for hard disks. We do data recovery in a 100% clean room lab environment.

Failures which leads to Encryption Data Reconstruction:

Below are some of the common data loss situations associated with all encrypted drives

  • If you are deleting or formatting your data unintentionally then you may lose your data from encrypted hard drive.
  • File systems may get corrupted due to severe virus infection, when this situation occurs the entire data within the Bit-Locker encrypted drive may get lost.
  • You may come across a situation where encrypted drive may show error message as inaccessible due to disk input / output error or due to other reasons which would then result in loss of your data within the drive.
  • At times the meta data in encrypted drive may get damaged, when you come across this situation then you may lose your crucial data
  • Power surges.

Contact Us for Expert Encryption Data Recovery Solutions:

Never run data recovery utilities on a failed safe boot device. Contact Our Encryption Data Recovery Service center in Bangalore for a fast, reliable and safe response. To get started or obtain a free quote on our services call us today.

And we have experience in recovering data from encrypted hard drives where others cant do.

For more results contact our data recovery team.

TIP: Do not lose your password or encryption key. If both the password and the encryption key are lost, the files on your File Vault encrypted mac can never be opened again.

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