Data Recovery Price / Cost in Bangalore

Data Recovery Cost in Bangalore

Generally, data recovery cost depends upon the condition of the media. To check the condition of the media, we need to analyze the media first. our data recovery services providing best data recovery cost in bangalore since eight years.

Affordable Data Recovery Services Cost Bangalore


The most common question when it comes to data recovery is how much do data recovery services cost ? Hard drive data recovery service cost in bangalore is based upon the issues or failures occurred in the hard drive. We don’t charge you on the basis of data availability on the hard drive like 1 TB or 500 GB data recovery cost Our charges depend on the type of problem in the hard drive. All data recovery process will be performed in a 100% clean room lab environment.

Our experts will do the hard drive analysis process after that we give you the data recovery quotation and time frame. Our charges for data recovery will purely depends upon the three factors:

  1. Whether it may be the hard drive or solid state device or Flash drive the data recovery price is based upon the kind of the storage media.
  2. Next the important factor is failure, either it may Logical Issues, PCB failures, CRC Errors, Firmware issues, Physical Damages like Water, fir burn, drop of device etc., we charge according to the Failure in the drive.
  3. And finally the technology which we are applied to the particular hard drive failure. Suppose the drive has the physical damage then the charges will be inclusive of technology, tools and donor drives etc.

Cost for the recovery is based upon the failure levels which are mentioned in below table:


Cost for Logical Recovery

Time period: 2-5 Days

Partition Loss, Deletion or Format Recovery, New OS Installation and Partition Over write.


Rs. 2,000/-  to 3,000/-

**When Drive Health is Good & its in Working condition. SMART is good.


Cost for Electronic or Firmware or Bad Sector Recovery

Time Period: 3-6 Days

PCB Failures, Electronic Failures, Firmware Issues, CRC Errors, IO Errors, Bad Sector Issues


Rs. 3,000/- to 8,000/-


Cost for Physical Damages

Time Period: 10-18 Days

Motor Failures, Clicking or Scratching Noises, Water/ Fire Damages and more


Rs. 8,000 /- and above

(Depends on work, number of spares & Drive Capacity)


Cost for Tampered Media Cases

Time Period: 15 to 25 Days

Tampering Of Media by other Unprofessional Companies


Rs. 15,000/- And Above


Flash Data Recovery Cost

Time Period: 1 to 4 Days

Recovery from Pen Drives, SD Cards, CF Cards Failures Due to Delete/Format, Over Written and reading issues and Damages



Rs. 1000/- to 4,500/-*

Depends on work and Spares.


Encryption Data Recovery Cost

Time Period: 5 to 15 Days

Bit locker, True Crypt, McAfee Endpoint, Symantec PGP, Trend Micro Encryption… with all Failures


Above Rs. 6,000/-

(**Depends on work)

Analysis Charge for Media:

  • The Initial Analysis Fee for any Storage Device is Rs. 300/- (Time for Analysis Media – 4 to 5 hours).
  • The Initial Analysis Fee for Tampered Media is Rs. 2000/- (Non-Refundable).

External Hard Drive Data Recovery Cost & Analysis Time:

For any kind of hard drive data recovery prices are mainly based upon the analysis. It takes 4-5 hours to analyze the complete drive and price is never based on the GB or TB basis. Our Company provides you the best data recovery service cost in Bangalore.

Contact us today to submit your drive otherwise we do have pickup & drop facility in Bangalore. For (courier) Outstation storage devices we don’t charge anything for analysis.

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