DAS, SAN, NAS & Drobo Data Recovery


Got a failed NAS, SAN, DAS and DROBO Server? You are looking for best data recovery experts for your RAID Server. Don’t Worry! We have experienced data recovery professionals in data reconstruction they are ready to recover back your data from any crashed server. Contact us today for raid data recovery services in Bangalore.

We recover the data from all types of RAID Storage Systems like:

  1. NAS Data Recovery

  2. SAN Data Recovery

  3. DAS Data Recovery

  4. Drobo Data Recovery


Nas Data Recovery

nas data recovery

Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a storage that can help consolidate and collect data for an entire network. Client computer access to the NAS is usually through an Ethernet connection. The NAS appears on the network as a single node, with its own IP address. Files stored on the NAS system are accessible to the clients on the LAN over the Ethernet connection via protocols such as CIFS/SMB (Windows clients) or NFS (Linux and UNIX), HTTP or FTP for Internet based file access.

Our experts will handle professionally in case of Nas raid recovery. Do you need emergency raid recovery services we will help you. All data recovery process is performed in our 100% clean room lab.

San Data Recovery

das data recovery

A Storage Area Network (SAN) is a storage that can cater to multiple networks allowing you to consolidate vast amounts of data from different networks across different locations and yet maintain them in one consolidated, indexed and secured fashion.  By allowing data to be replicated to other SAN devices across different geography locations, a SAN infrastructure can also help large critical business prepare for Disaster Recovery setups and enable transmission of data across the globe in quick, orderly and highly secure ways.

SAN devices come with controllers giving it its own intelligence to index, secure, read and write as well as replicate data making the device extremely powerful and independent. SAN is also the most rugged device with NSPOF (No Single Point of Failure) which can enable customers to have 99.999% uptime on their business.

We are experienced professionals in san raid recovery and our engineers are well trained. Hence they retrieve all data files.

Das Data Recovery

das data recovery

Commonly known as JBOD (Just a Bunch of Disk) this simplest type of data storage is also referred as Direct Attached Storage (DAS). By having the array directly connected to a server or multiple servers acting like an extended partition for data. This ensures that the infrastructure is more flexible and secure by segregating data and resource growth separately.

Drobo Data Recovery

drobo box data recovery

Drobo devices are mainly designed to allow installation and removal of hard disk drives without requiring manual data transfer, and also for increasing storage capacity of the unit without downtime. It Protect the data for all drives, as Drobo controls any access to the data. Supported File systems in Drobo server are HFS Plus, NTFS, ext3 and FAT32. File system redundancy is managed by a virtualization layer which lays data out in a proprietary Drobo format.

Here disks are combined into RAID and uses algorithm known as beyond Raid. The configuration of this array stores data to different locations in drive. Hence, if one drive fails, any piece of data stored on the array can be in accessible.

Common Types of Storage Systems Failures:

  • Data Management Errors.
  • Metadata Corruption.
  • Failed Hard Drives.
  • Power Failures.
  • Overwritten Storage Configuration.
  • Encryption.
  • Virus/Malware Attacks.
  • Rebuilding Failed RAID Servers.
  • Deletion/Formatting Data.

We do Data Recovery Services for all Types & Brands of DAS, SAN, NAS and Drobo RAID Servers:

Our Experts are specialized in data recovery from all RAID Servers of all most of popular brands like:

Hitachi EMC
HP Store vault
Netapps TEAC
Intel Snap Server
D-Link Lenovo
QNAP Seagate
Western Digital Free NAS
Drobo Mini DroboPro
Drobo 5N Drobo S

Our DAS, NAS, SAN and Drobo Server Data Recovery Process

When undertaking your diagnostic on your RAID Server, our data recovery experts will process 3 steps:

  • Determine which of the arrays in the drive has failed.
  • Next we find locations of all data and recreate the necessary file-lists and folder structure.
  • Determine the most effective means of extracting and backing up this data.

Data Recovery Bengaluru for Secure & Fast Data Recovery

Call to our experts to overcome data loss issues. Our service is fastest and most secure way that we can recover any kind of file. If your drive got failed or you can’t access your critical data, Data Recovery Bengaluru is your best option.

Call us on +91 9611188850 or mail us to datarecoverybengaluru@gmail.com

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