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Every data recovery procedure will perform in our clean labs, and we never outsource recovery projects to other companies. No matter! How much complex it is, we complete and give you back. Our Data Recovery Services in Bangalore is certified Class 10 ISO 4 Clean room in order to save and retrieve reliable results for our clients.

Clean room technology plays an extremely crucial role in the data recovery process. In a professional recovery laboratory, the Clean room is a specialized environment that eliminates the harmful particles from the work environment and give the best filtration support. This avoids media components from taking on complex damage during the physical damages.

All engineers are work in a certified Clean room when performing data recovery for any storage devices like RAID, Hard Drives, SSD & Flash Drives and other advanced repairs. While most data recovery experts are experienced in data recovery, we hold our facilities to a higher standard in order to keep your storage media and data safe.

Clean rooms are best environments and in addition to highly accurate filters, they have the excellent room climate and humidity controls to eliminate dust particles. Engineers need to maintain dress code while working in Clean room lab and data recovery companies need to regularly test their equipment to maintain their certifications.

Our Clean Room Data Recovery Process:

We open failed or damaged drives in clean room lab. The reason is because clean room lab has an environment which as under experts to remove air contaminants, preventing from the damaging open hard disks. We must maintain the high standards strictly.

Data Recovery Bengaluru lab contains fewer than 100 particles per one cubic foot of air that measure greater than 0.5 micrometers.  And we prevent the entry of contaminants in clean room lab.

Static electricity can damage the electronic components of the hard drive. Therefore, we strictly work in the safe environment to prevent further damage to the drives.


Why Class is Important for Clean Rooms:

The Clean Room Class with 100% percent standard is the one used by most data recovery companies, as it effectively guarantees to prevent harmful contamination for hard drives and other delicate electronic media. When a hard drive or media is opened, engineers need to prevent various dust contaminants from causing problems with the recovery process.

Any harmful object larger than a few microns that comes between the heads and platters will complicate the recovery process, but an appropriately maintained Clean room lab can prevent damage or issues from it.

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